“To see yourself, and for others to see you, is a form of validation. I’m interested in that very mysterious and mystical way we relate to each other in the world.”

— Mickalene Thomas

There is a hidden place located only in the imaginations of groovy queer cuties with a sensitivity for the supernatural. Here, deep in a lush overgrown grove, flower children come from all over to recharge their powers, and reconnect with their community. For our sixth episode, we invite you to join us for a night of magical surrealism in The Secret Sexy Psychedelic Garden.

Frolic with fairies, party with pixies, and dance wildly with woodland creatures. There is plenty of mischief and magic to be made: Discuss the latest spells over tasty potions, create fantastical memories in our photo booth, have a relaxing ritual in our babbling brook (we mean hot tub), then conjure a delicious dreamy dessert, right before your eyes.

This party is for magical queer creatures only, so please come in your most enlightened, far-out and enchanted form. It’s a Mid(to-late)Summer Night’s Dream meets Woodstock with a sprinkle of Never Never Land. The prophecy has foretold an entrancing time for all, so we know we’ll see you there ;)

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