Application for membership
Copy and paste our questionnaire into a new email. Fill it out and when you’re ready, send it to us at with the subject line Green Carnation.
⚀ What is your first name? What year were you born in?

⚁ Give us your story, tell us about what makes you you? Describe your personality, your work/hobbies/goals/dreams.

⚂ Tell us how you identify. What role does queerness play in your life?

⚃ What is your relationship status? Tell us about your relationship to romance.

⚄ Tell us your philosophy on sex? What role does it play in your life?

⚅ How did you hear about The Wink? Have you ever been to a sex party before? If you are a guest of a member or have been referred by a member, please include their name and email. This will likely speed up your application.

☺ Please include 2 g-rated photos. Profile pic quality please, we need to see what you look like.