“We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.”

— Ray Bradbury

We just got the call on our holo-communicator; it’s time queers! The Funky Mothership is beaming us up for one night of intergalactic fun with the homies from our home planet. In our galaxy, everyone is queer and everyone is sexy. It’s episode 5 from The Wink and this one is going to be extra(terrestrial that is).

Come early and get some anti-gravity glitter from body artist @dorothyrojasart, then show off your celestial style at the walk off. Grab a cosmic cocktail, then mix and mingle with the most interesting organisms in the universe. Take classifieds in our photo booth, get orbital on the dance floor, experience a time warp in the hot tub, and taste a dessert that’s out of this world.

It’s Studio 54 meets Area 51, and this party is going to be big like a supernova. So come as your supernova self, in your grooviest, most interstellar form. See you soon space queers!