“Art is the sex of the imagination.”

— George Jean Nathan

Let’s get creative
Mind your muses! We’re inviting the most colorful queers in NYC for a night of beauty and culture. It’s time for Episode 4, and this one is the art school episode. Join an Avant-garde group of enlightened individuals for a retreat that’s sure to get the creative juices flowing.

Embrace all of your unique talents at The Wink! Come early, we’ll be warming up with a live figure drawing session. You bring your brilliance and we’ll bring the art supplies. Flirt, dance and connect with beautiful subjects, melt like Dali in the hot tub, get exposure in our photo booth, and expand your taste with an inspired dessert.

Come as your favorite piece, your favorite artist or the work of art you already are. Art is long and life is short, so let’s let life imitate art and create a masterpiece together. See you there!